Green Initiatives

As a global brand in the bathroom and lighting categories, eco-consciousness is a major driver of Jaquar’s operational ethos. From the choices we make during product design, to their production at a large scale, and even how our corporate offices function, being responsible towards conservation of natural resources, and operating sustainably, is a key aim. And one that we are constantly working towards and progressing on Our effort has been to take a 360-degree approach segmented along three core areas:


  • Green energy for manufacturing
  • A complete range of energy-saving LED lighting solutions for Home, Commercial and Outdoor needs
  • Generating over 2.59MW of solar power annually at our premises
  • ‘Net Positive’ global headquarters (spread over 64,000 sq m), certified LEED Platinum by the USGBC


  • A whole range of certified solutions that offer significantly lower water consumption without compromising performance - from Dual-flush systems and Air Showers, to Pressmatic and Sensor Taps, Sensor Urinals, and Flow Restrictor products
  • Recycling 100,000 litres of water every day at our LEED Platinum manufacturing unit
  • Rainwater is harvested


  • Zero Liquid discharge plant
  • Zero waste plant
  • 100% metal recycling
  • Operating with the aim of zero-waste manufacturing across our 7 units spread over 333,000 sq m
  • Products that offer a long lifespan and are supported by an industry-leading 10-year warranty*